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Your print subscription will begin with the Wi423 March issue.

If you’re a customer in the United States, Australia, or New Zealand please use the relevant links provided in the product’s description tab.



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This is a recurring subscription unless canceled through PayPal.

For customers in the US please subscribe through Ironheart Artisans and for those in Australia and New Zealand you can do so through Khaki & Green Books.

Here are a few answers to questions you may have:

When will my subscription start?
If you are a current active subscriber, your new sub will pick up from the end of your old one. If you are a new subscriber your sub will begin with the next issue of the magazine.

I notice that the price shown is in UK pounds, but I’m not in the UK.
As we are based in the UK all of our prices are shown and charged in UK currency. You pay in your local currency (via PayPal) and this will then be ‘currency converted’ into UK pounds.

All of your magazines will be mailed from the UK, unfortunately, this costs a bit more than it does to mail within the UK.

When I subscribe online do I have to set up a recurring subscription?
This means you will be automatically billed for another year’s subscription as soon as this one ends. This option can be automatically canceled via PayPal at any time, plus PayPal will send a reminder before deducting your next payment.