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Wargames Illustrated @ Salute 2019

FINDING US Our trade stand is TK06 and our game stand is GK07, just across the way. SUBSCRIPTIONS Take out a 12 issue print subscription for £55 and receive a FREE Warlord Games Gift Voucher worth £20. (Please note this voucher must be used at Salute – it will have no value outside of the show). CLICK AND COLLECT You can...
  • Men of Bronze

    Men of Bronze is one of the latest ‘blue book’ rules systems from Osprey Games. It consequently follows the usual format, a 64-page softback book. The rules focus upon battles between Ancient Greek warriors and their enemies, often other Greek warriors! The rules begin with a helpful guide to the equipment needed, miniatures, basing, measurements and everything else. There is...
  • Modelling British / German WWII Armoured Vehicles

    Modelling British World War II Armoured Vehicles and Modelling German World War II Armoured Vehicles are two guides published by Crowood Press. Both address largely the same approaches to their respective subjects, albeit with a few differences in the exact focus. The British book begins with a thorough exploration of the smaller scale models available, whether plastic or resin kits....
  • Thud & Blunder

    Thud & Blunder is a 164 page hardback book. The rules are intended to replicate the ‘High Fantasy’ gaming of the past, with Warbands skirmishing with one another in a range of settings. The introduction succinctly outlines the key concepts behind the game and offers a number of resources via the internet. The game uses between 5 and 20 miniatures...
  • 28mm German Tank Riders

    Offensive Miniatures are seemingly unstoppable at the moment, expanding their 28mm World War Two range on a regular basis. One of their latest releases is this pack of Late War German Tank Riders. There are 8 figures in the pack, dressed in the Late War uniform of short boots with gaiters and covered helmets or Feldmutze. There is a mix...

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