Wi415, July 2022

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It was great to feel the buzz at the Partizan Wargames Show in Newark, Nottinghamshire recently. So enthused were we by the excitement of the crowds and the quality of the demo games on offer we struggled to contain our report on the show to ten pages, but we did just manage it, with the proviso that there is more to see online – head to wargamesillustrated.net

Our theme for this issue is New Napoleonics and we try to cover all bases under that umbrella – new to Napoleonics, new Napoleonic rules, new Napoleonic figures, and a project to create a new Napoleonic force from recycled stock.

When we’re not looking at new Napoleonics we have a bumper collection of other new hobby releases in Observation Post for you to peruse; everything from plastic Conquistadors to 6mm World War II vehicles.

So with a spring in our step, let’s leap forward and see “what’s new?”.

Dan Faulconbridge
Owner and Editor


Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.

A plethora of 28mm plastics from a variety of periods gets reviewed in this month’s OP along with some 6mm Baccus goodies.

Alongside the usual mix of esoteric wargaming goodies, Dom Sore examines some digital figures that fit this issue’s theme of New Napoleonics.

Neil Smith takes his monthly look at new books for the discerning wargame.

New (to) Napoleonics
Neil Smith introduces this month’s theme and provides a whistlestop tour of wargaming’s most colourful period.

Designer’s Notes:
Lion Rampant Second Edition

Daniel Mersey tells us about his ‘Director’s Cut’ of Lion Rampant and the extras that feature in the ruleset’s second edition.

THEME: Rescuing the Russians
Paul Mackay dusts off some classic Hinchliffe Napoleonic Russians he painted
in the 1980s and gives them an update.

Show report: Partizan
A ten-page tour of some of the best games from Partizan, May 2022.

Prussian attack on Plancenoit
Marc uses the new Epic Prussians (free with last month’s Wi) and some MDF
terrain to make a diorama inspired by Adolf Northern’s iconic painting.

Simon MacDowall investigates the wargaming possibilities of this significant battle with contributions from Gary Kitching, Richard Speedman, and Ernie Fosker.

Moonlit paint effects are applied to new Offensive Miniatures Waffen SS ‘assault pioneers’, British Paras engineers, and some old terrain.

Soldiers of Napoleon
Warwick Kinrade and Andy Fox visited WiHQ and took us through their new game, Soldiers of Napoleon.

Building a cantina with adobe walls
Tony Harwood recreates the cantina from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and shows how to make adobe wall effects.