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Warrior Woman

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Categories : Giants In Miniature

“Since I became a knight, men have mocked me. Right until they taste my sword.”

The Warrior Woman epitomizes the chivalric code: loyal, honest, noble and willing to defend those who cannot. Yet she is also a tragic character, forced to wander in search of a home, always seeking a master or quest. She has found that her honourable beliefs have been challenged on many occasions by the betrayal and deceit of others. She is a skilled fighter, wears a fine suit of armour and carries a well-crafted sword. Whether she finds herself in a tavern brawl or upon the battlefield, is unflinching in the face of danger. Her self-doubt is the one enemy she cannot yet overcome but woe betide those who would openly belittle her or those she serves.

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.

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