Van Helsing

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Categories : Giants in Miniature

“We have it within our power to rid the world of this evil. And with God’s help, we shall.”

Abraham Van Helsing

Abraham Van Helsing is a scholar of evil, who hunts down and destroys the undead, the creatures of the night which prey upon humanity in their quest for blood. To Van Helsing, the vampire is a hell-borne travesty of the person it once was, a soulless killing machine. His greatest foe is the foul Dracula, one of the most depraved of an evil race, who is happy to take any life, young or old, to nourish himself and satisfy his malicious need to corrupt the innocents he encounters. Van Helsing himself is ruthless, protected by his Faith and the knowledge he has gathered, sacrificing his own happiness in pursuit of the Dark Forces which plague the world.

This is a two-part figure – the cross and hands are a separate piece – and will require assembly. Supplied unpainted.

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Additional Info

This is a limited edition 28mm figure. Only 500 will ever be made. Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card.


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