Sgt. Burns and PFC. Noble

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“I am your new reality.”

Sgt. Burns

Sergeant Burns is a veteran of the War in Vietnam, on his third tour, which means he’s seen it all and done even more. As one of the senior sergeants in the platoon, his job is to keep his men alive, maintain order and make the ‘New Meat’ fit in. By any means necessary…

Private First Class Noble has recently arrived. He attempts to use the logic back in ‘The World’ in a place where such logic means nothing. Can he keep his integrity in the face of life in the ‘Nam, where the enemy sometimes seems like the other soldiers around you as much as the VC?

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.

Click below to view Sgt. Burns and PFC. NobleSgt. Burns and PFC. Noble in 360 degrees!

Additional Info

This is a limited edition 28mm figure. Only 500 will ever be made. Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card.


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