Lt. Col. Johnny Frost

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“I’m awfully sorry, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to occupy your house.”

Few movies are as iconic as A Bridge Too Far. And not many men are as iconic as Sir Anthony Hopkins and Lieutenant Colonel John Frost. This miniature represents all three of those icons at once, taking its inspiration from a classic performance by an actor depicting an amazing man in a fantastic movie. The real Lt. Col. Frost held the beleaguered British Paratroops together during the Battle for Arnhem in 1944. This battle helped to cement the reputation of the men in the maroon berets, proving that, in extremis, they could take on a superior force and go down fighting, chins up, surrendering only when there was no hope left. With the motto of ‘Utrinque Paratus’ (Ready for Anything), the Parachute Regiment has served with honour since it was created.

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.

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