Lord Kitchener

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“Britons! We want you, join your country’s army. God Save The King!”

Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener was a Field Marshal in the British Army at the outbreak of World War One. He had entered the army in 1871 and took part in many campaigns including the Mahdist War, Second Boer War and served a stint as Commander-in-Chief, India. He is most famous for his role as Secretary of State for War during World War One, where one of his many responsibilities was recruiting. This miniature version can be used as the man himself or as any General Staff Officer during World War One. Despite the propaganda, a number of Generals and Staff officers did go ‘Over The Top’ with their men and a number of them died in battle or as a result of wounds. Sometimes, the ‘Donkeys’ could be Lions.

Figures may require some assembly, and are supplied unpainted.

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