Joan of Arc

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From peasant girl to national heroine of France, Joan of Arc acted under divine guidance as an aggressive military commander who always opted for attack over defence. In thirteen known engagements during the Hundred Years’ War, between 1429 and 1430, her troops were victorious nine times. At least thirty different cities, towns, and villages surrendered without a fight when she approached with her army. She was a skilled horse and swordswoman, and tactically knew how to direct armies and place artillery to dramatic effect. She was captured by a Burgundian force during a skirmish near Compiègne and later and burned at the stake by the English.

*Our figure shows Joan carrying her army standard. Pole and flag need to be purchased separately.*

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.

View Joan of Arc in 360 degrees below!

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This is a limited edition 28mm figure. Only 500 will ever be made. Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card.


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