How To… A Guide to Modelling (4) PDF

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This ‘How To… A Guide to Modelling (4)’ is a compilation of articles published over several years in Wargames Illustrated magazine. It is the fourth in an ongoing series which began with the publication of ‘How To… A Guide to Modelling (1)’ back in 2018. Our original plan was to make the guides available to purchase on an annual basis, but instead, we have decided to give them away for free with copies of Wargames Illustrated magazine. ‘How To… Part Three’ came bagged with the 402 issue of the magazine and here you have Part Four, gratis.

As mentioned all of these articles have been published in Wargames Illustrated previously and are also available to view via the Wargames Illustrated Vault. You will find they are gloriously eclectic, covering subjects as various as plastic conversions, building micro ships and modifying a model tower.

Look out for ‘How To… A Guide to Modelling (5)’ and (6) coming with future issues of Wargames Illustrated, with PDF versions being made available to view online or download by WiPrime members.