Francis “Swampfox” Marion STL Files

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Please note: This is a virtual product for use in 3D printing. You will not receive a physical product but a downloadable file. These files are for personal use only. No unauthorised copying, distribution, printing, or other commercial actions for profit are permitted.

The Swamp Fox was a formidable figure who masterminded many successful guerrilla strikes during the American Revolutionary War. Launching raids through South Carolina’s unforgiving terrain, this skilled leader oversaw attacks that kept the more regimented British forces on their toes and seriously disrupted their efforts to control the colonies in the South. A militia officer who cut his teeth in the French and Indian War, Marion cemented his legend as the “Swamp Fox” through the way he and his men used the environment to their extreme advantage during the later years of the war. They blended into the wetlands and forests, launched surprise attacks, and then disappeared back into the cloaking safety of the cypress and gum trees.

This set includes Marion on foot, mounted, and a tree stump with a map and lantern.