‘Flash’ Harry

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Categories : Giants in Miniature

“Never hit a man when he’s down, he may get up.”

‘Flash’ Harry is depicted here in the uniform of an officer from the East India Company on service during the First Anglo-Afghan War but he could equally be found at the Charge of the Light Brigade, out in the American West or amongst European nobility. Considered a hero across the British Empire, he is happy to cultivate this image whilst retaining the ability to flee from battle as often as not. He is known as a fine proponent of the sword and rides very well, in more ways than one. When cornered, he will fight to preserve his life but much prefers the art of fast talking and faster running. As a man, he is a rake and a cad. As a symbol, he is the man others wish to be.

Figures may require some assembly, and are supplied unpainted.

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