Django and Coffin

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Categories : Giants in Miniature

“You can clean up the mess now. But don’t touch my coffin…”


The ruthless drifter known only as ‘Django’ is an enigma, and there are many conflicting (yet equally bloody!) tales of his origins. He often appears clad in the tattered uniform of a U. S. cavalryman, scruffy and unkempt but with a piercing stare that seems to gaze into a man’s soul. What is known for sure is that when innocents are struggling against near-insurmountable odds he appears as if from nowhere, dragging a mysterious coffin behind him. A curt nod to the underdogs is followed by the creak of a wooden lid being opened and then a hail of devastating gunfire before the dark figure strides off into the darkness once more…

Figures may require some assembly and are supplied unpainted.

Click below to view Django in 360 degrees!

Additional Info

This pack contains a 28mm scale unpainted metal figure and coffin.

The other figures seen in the photo above come from North Star Military Figures Dracula’s America range.

You can find rules for using Django in Dracula’s America in the December 2017 issue of Wargames Illustrated, WI362.


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