An ingeniously simple set of Napoleonic wargames rules by Jervis Johnson, Alan Perry, and Michael Perry.

Valour & Fortitude (V&F) is a set of tabletop wargame rules designed for fighting battles using the Perry Miniatures ranges of plastic and metal figures and bases. It is played by two or more players, divided into two sides. Each side has an army, made up of figures organised into units and leaders. Units and leaders from the armies are formed into brigades that are commanded by the side’s players.

As well as the figures, players will need army sheets, a scenario, dice, tape measures, playing cards and markers. Normal six-sided dice (D6) and a standard pack of 52 playing cards are also required. Markers are used to record the losses and setbacks suffered by an army and can be represented by a small coin or casualty figure.


V&F exists in three formats:

1) Printed rules – these were given away free with Wi418, the October 2022 issue of Wargames Illustrated. Order your copy from our webstore. Wi418 also includes more V&F coverage in the form of Designer’s Notes and scenarios.

2) Downloadable PDF – free to WiPrime Members in the Wi Vault.

2) Printer Friendly PDF – free via the Perry Miniatures website. Army sheets and scenarios are also available via the link above.


We will update the PDFs of Valour & Fortitude on a regular basis – whenever we spot or are alerted to an error. The following ‘patches’ have been released.

Version 1.2, released 22 September 2022
1.2 Units (page 2)
Fix: In rule 1.2, the following header should appear above the diagram “Example of an infantry unit in line with 2 ranks and 9 files”.
Header added to the diagram for clarification.

5.2 Line of Sight (page 4)
Fix: In rule 5.2, the last sentence should end “(…) the line passing within 1” of any figures from another unit or overgrown terrain features (12.7)”.
The reference to point 12.2 is incorrect. The correct reference is 12.7.

6.5 Rally Actions (page 4)
Fix: In rule 6.5, the first sentence should read “When a unit carries out a rally action, the commanding player can make up to one move (6.6) with
the unit.”
The word ‘to’ is missing.

6.5 Rally Actions (page 4) and Losses (page 7, Q&A)
Fix: In rule 6.5, the last sentence should read “On a 4+ the test is passed and one loss marker (8.4) is removed from the unit.”
Fix: In the Q&A, on the second column “Losses” should read “Losses in the melee phase are divided between the target and units that lent the target
direct support (8.4)”
Both make reference to point 8.5, which is incorrect. The correct reference is 8.4.

6.6 Moves (page 4)
Fix: In rule 6.6, the last sentence of the first paragraph should read “Cavalry have a move distance of 18″, infantry in line of 9″, unlimbered artillery
of 3″, leaders of 36″ and all other units 12″.
The words ‘in line’ are missing. The wording is correct on the reference sheet at the end of the rules.

6.7 Assault Moves (page 5)
Fix: In rule 6.7, the second sentence of the first paragraph should read “Instead, the unit must finish the move at least 3″ closer to or in base contact
with the nearest (…)”.
The commas in this extract should not have been there.

8.3 Hit Test > 8.3.1 Outflanked (page 5)
Fix: In rule 8.3. 1, the first sentence should read “A target unit is outflanked if the attacking unit does not have any figures in the target unit’s front arc. ”
The word ‘have’ is missing.

Fix: In the first table on the QRS, the Valour stat should read:

The valour test modifier if the testing unit won a melee should be +2, not +1.

SPECIAL RULES (online and Wi418 Army Lists & Special Rules)
Fix: Add the Special Rule “Swift: Add 6″ to the move distance of units with this special rule”.
Cossacks in the Russian Army make use of this Special Rule.

Version 1.1, released 21 September 2022
8.3 Hit Test (page 5)
Fix: In rule 8.3, the second sentence should read “Add 1 to the hit roll if the attacking unit is making a melee attack and has no losses (8.4)”
NOT: “Add 1 to the roll if the attacking unit is making a melee attack and it has any losses (8.4)”.
The reference to point 8.5 is incorrect. The correct reference is 8.4.

Preview the sample spreads from Valour & Fortitude’s accompanying issue: Wi418, October 2022, below.