Boathooks is a set of late medieval naval wargames rules related to (but not requiring) their landlubbing forefather: Never Mind the Billhooks.

As a light-hearted card and dice-driven game of skirmish combat on the seas, a tactician’s approach counts for little in the face of the tides of fortune.

Thalassa is a fast-paced game of ancient naval battles. Build a fleet of Triremes and Penteconters, choose their crew and special options, and then take on your enemies in tactically rich gameplay.

Use the currents of the seas to aid your manoeuvres or hinder the positioning of your enemies. Ram and board enemy vessels to accumulate victory points and claim victory for your nation!

Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe is Andy Callan’s concise Wars of the Roses-themed wargame.

Pitched at the Big Skirmish/Small Battle level, it combines card-driven activation and command with simple D6 based combat to recreate smaller battles of the period. Created with 28mm figures and a 6′ x 4′ table in mind, it is a versatile system that can be easily modified to suit your own preferred scale and gaming ambitions.

An ingeniously simple set of Napoleonic wargames rules by Jervis Johnson, Alan Perry, and Michael Perry.

Valour & Fortitude (V&F) is a set of tabletop wargame rules designed for fighting battles using the Perry Miniatures ranges of plastic and metal figures and bases. It is played by two or more players, divided into two sides. Each side has an army, made up of figures organised into units and leaders. Units and leaders from the armies are formed into brigades that are commanded by the side’s players.

Multi-period comic book heroics on the tabletop – play with whatever’s on your shelf in this quick-to-pick-up skirmish game!

Daniel Mersey’s new game is incredibly quick to pick up and play; it’s the perfect tabletop adventure to fit into your busy lives (or between the big battles you play). The gameplay is akin to an action movie and the (optional) gridded table simplifies movement, ranges, line of sight, and the effects of terrain.

Chris Peers’ Death in the Dark Continent is a set of rules for small-scale battles set in sub-Saharan Africa in the late 19th century.

This Lite version of the game takes all that’s great about DitDC and condenses it into an easy-to-digest ‘primer’. DitDC Lite contains all the necessary rules for playing introductory level DitDC battles and even features three different army lists. The full game focuses on the incredibly diverse gaming options that can be found in Africa, and its incredibly varied tribes and peoples. This Lite version is just a sampling of what’s ahead!