WiPrime Members can download a selection of exclusive STL files every month to print, paint, and game with. This month’s downloads are some Ukrainian anarchists, Makhno and Schuss, as well as some World War Two Objectives.

This Month’s Downloads

Nestor Makhno and Fedir Schuss

This handsome duo is designed to complement the wonderfully characterful figures available in Copplestone Castings’ Back of Beyond range. Makhno and Shchus will eventually be available to purchase as physical figures in our metal-cast Giants in Miniature range, but you can download and print their STL files right now and get a head start!

World War Two Objectives

Primarily designed for WWII gaming but versatile enough to be used in other periods, this month’s selection of seven objectives will add visual flair and a huge number of scenario possibilities to your gaming. Sculptor Todd Harris has added plenty of details to this mixture of realistic and pulp-themed objectives that will make them a treat to paint.


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