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  1. This is encouraging and helpful to newcomers, however it could also be a little misleading. The days when I built a model collection for a specific rule set are long gone. Rules come and go, but a collection of models is for decades, therefore the models should come first not the rules. And the key decision is not which army to collect, I think most people know what they like already, the difficulty is knowing how to structure the collection and how to base them. Even experienced wargamers struggle to know how best to base their models. And regarding Black Powder, it is indeed a lovely set of rules and a great read, however I would caution that it is designed for a specific type of wargame that most people don’t in fact play and certainly not newcomers, i.e. big battles, frequently with multiple players. It is being touted as a general set of horse and musket rules for all games, which it isn’t. That is also reflected in its approach to basing. Black Powder acknowledges that people will already have models based to a scheme and that no single scheme dominates, therefore it is incredibly loose in that respect, simply categorising units by rough size and ignoring the basing. I do still agree that as a book it’s an excellent relaxed introduction to wargaming, but as a ruleset I would just caution that it’s not designed for games with a small collection of models.

  2. Black Powder are good all round set of rules. Brings back the fun side of gaming again. Great for any period, which helps when you’ve got several armies. Best set out there. Regards as ever Mark

  3. Black powder never set my eyes on worst rules than BP.

  4. If your in New England USA , Black powder is played two Sundays a month at Adler Hobby on the second and last Sunday repeatedly and we encourage new players to join us , hoping someone reading this stops by for some fun gaming .

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