Wargames Illustrated (affectionately  known as WI)  is the world’s leading and best selling magazine dedicated to the hobby of miniature wargaming.

The magazine is published each month in printed and PDF formats (Via Prime). The printed version is available online (from this site), from you local hobby store, and WH Smith (in the UK).

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Each month WI feature news, views, reviews and over 100 pages of articles relating to the noble hobby of miniature wargaming – the pursuit of collecting, painting and gaming with miniature figurines (known variously as figures, miniatures, figs, minis or toy soldiers).


Wargames Illustrated Print
Our monthly paper magazine. The best selling wargames magazine in the world. Available by subscription or single copy direct from our web store and on sale each month in hobby stores around the world and WH Smith in the UK.

Wargames Illustrated Prime
Our online membership service. Prime members pay a monthly subscription fee to access an online portal that includes: The Vault – an archive of every issue of Wargames Illustrated including the current issue. That’s over 3,000 wargames articles – the largest wargame article archive in the world! Prime members also have access to unique online content, discounts and prize giveaways.

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