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  1. I have my copy in order from the newsagents so what is the best course if action for me to take do which online subscription should I take out

  2. What an extremely thoughtful and considerate idea.

  3. Subscribing half to support half because I have spare time with this ww affliction.
    Please have some solo scenarios…

  4. Time to get all those unpainted miniatures painted. I may have a few………….

  5. I thought this .ight happen!
    Keep safe guys!!
    Hopefully see WI in print soon….

  6. I subscribe to Prime and get the magazine online. Will you be mothballing the subscription of people like me? (You took my next sub today).

  7. I support my FLGS by always getting a copy of WI but it had to close ( I will be back ); come April 1st; will join the 21st century and get the electronic version. Time to step up but still want to support my FLGS ad he’s been there in the past.

  8. Thanks for the heads up guys, as I get my copy from the local paper shop i’ll miss picking it up and flicking through it on the way home. I will now sign up for the on line copy…………. Take care and lets all be there for each other through these trying times.

    PS : Thanks for the how to make mini mag, Will definitely be looking at the 15mm WW2 builds.

  9. Thanks, guys! Totally understandable decision. As a print subscriber (yes, sometimes I’m a bit old-fashioned) I appreciate your decision to allow me free access to WI Prime (maybe I’m even convinced afterward). Also thanks a lot for bite-size WI!
    Stay safe, stay home!

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