The 2020 Wargames Illustrated Awards – The Winners

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, please be upstanding for the winners of the 2020 Wargames Illustrated Awards. The year MMXX is probably best summed up by this review: “One star. Wouldn’t recommend”. But, at least amongst the depression and despair caused by Coronavirus, there were some great new wargame rules, figures, accessories (and magazines!) released, and according to the 1,800+ Wi readers who voted, these were the best. Please note: This is just a summary of the winners, to find out who came second, third and close by, and to read the winners reactions see Wi398, the February 2021 issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine BEST GAMES/RULES Clash of Spears BEST MANUFACTURER Perry Miniatures BEST FIGURE RANGE Frostgrave BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Warlord Games BEST NEW RULES Infamy, Infamy! BEST WARGAMES TERRAIN, ACCESSORY OR BUILDING MANUFACTURER Sarissa Precision BEST WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED ARTICLE 2020 ‘How to Improve MDF Buildings’ by Paul Davies BEST ISSUE OF WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 2020 The June issue: WI393, with its theme of ‘Wars of the Roses’ and free copy of ‘Never Mind the Billhooks’. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Well done to all 196 manufacturers, publishers and contributors who received a vote this year (most of whom will never know) again reflecting the wealth of variety and quality in our hobby. Let’s do it all again next year with fingers crossed that as well as buying and painting we’re also playing and clubbing. See Wi398 for more reaction.