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  1. You’ve misunderstood/misrepresented the situation with Warfare that you referred to in the article – my complaint wasn’t that men were charged and women and children were free, it was that PEOPLE were charged and women and children were free. There’s a significant difference there.

    Warfare now charges wargamers and is free for non-wargamers, which seems a good solution for everyone.

  2. I now paraphrase this:

    “PC Bollocks!!!! most of us likes a good torture scene at display events for general public to see our hobby. It will bring in more people what think
    Iike me.”

    Have I got that about right?

  3. Just another example of a society with an increasingly thin skin driven by political correctness. One person’s fact is another person’s lie and g** forbid you should disagree with the highly vocal but very loud minority that will find something to screech about in anything they dislike and call it popular opinion. Ah well, suppose I will be amonst you being burnt at the stake. Oh no. That form of BBQ would upset the vegans.

    • What is wrong with being correct? What’s wrong with being sensitive to difference? What is wrong with not using bigoted language? You offer no argument and then end with what I assume is an attempt at a joke.

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