Beyond The End! – A 7TV: Apocalypse Day

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Ticket includes the event as well as food, snacks, drinks, etc.


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Saturday 30th June 2018 at Wargames Foundry our new venue (see * below for address).

Cost: £30, which includes lunch, plus snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day. There will also hopefully be a licenced bar available for those who need a snifter or three to make it through the day.

All terrain, etc. provided, just bring along your own 30 Ratings Cast of 28mm painted miniatures and a suitably Post Apocalyptic vehicle, based upon the Archetypes in the main rulebook or any of those currently commercially available from Crooked Dice

Those purchasing a ticket will be sent by email an early playtest copy of the 7TV: Apocalypse vehicle rules, including information on how to design a vehicle.

Vehicles should scale with your 28mm miniatures but may be any scale from 1/43rd to 1/35th


Your copy of the main rulebook

At least 4 six sided dice

  •  A deck of Countdown cards
  • Profile cards for the models you intend to use
  • Templates for blast, flamethrower and vehicle manoeuvres
  • Tokens (counters) for plot points and statuses
  • Miniatures and vehicles to represent the casts you will play

Scripts for each Shooting Block will be provided to each Producer on the day. We will be using the 7TV 2nd Edition rules and the rules from 7TV: Apocalypse

Cast members will take part in three Shooting Blocks, all of which link together to make a full Plot Line for a PA classic.

The third Shooting Block is the Finale and is a Crossover of a number of the Casts using the new vehicle combat rules. Demolition Derby meets Death Race, anyone?


Your Cast must be fully painted and based as per the rules. Vehicles may be diecast, plastic model kits, resin or similar,

The miniatures in your Cast may be taken from any source but must conform to the Archetypes in the main rulebook or those commercially available from Crooked Dice.

Vehicles must be designed based upon the basic types and vehicle mods as outlined in your Apocalypse rules pack.

The vehicle types are Bike, Buggy, Racer, Truck and Big Rig.

Your maximum Ratings value per player will be 30 and any Cast you create must conform to the rules outlined in the relevant rulebook.


The cost of your ticket covers as many drinks and snacks during the course of the day as you would like. In addition, the Craft Service / Foundry will also provide a meal for lunch.

Please inform us of any particular dietary requirements you may have and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


9 – 9.30am: Meet, greet, tea and coffee.
9.30 – 10am: Full Cast Read-Through and Movie Outline. Initial set up.
10 – 12pm: Shooting Block 1
12 – 1pm: Post- Shooting Block analysis followed by lunch and set up for next recording.

During lunch, more details on 7TV: Apocalypse will be shared and gamers will have a chance to browse the Foundry shop.

1 – 3pm: Shooting Block 2
3 – 3.30pm: Post- Shooting Block analysis, tea/coffee followed by set up for Final game.
3.30 – 5.00pm: Final Shooting Block.
5.00 – 5.30pm: Post Movie analysis, wrap party, nominations for Golden Globes / Oscars and new budgets, contracts, etc.


Full details regarding how the Shooting Blocks which make up the Movie will be run will be given in the first briefing of the day and any updates will be provided during filming.


We will have Umpires and other experts on hand to offer advice and answer any queries but, on the whole, you should arrive willing to make sure everyone enjoys the day and aim to resolve any problems using the one area all actors and film crews understand, ‘Common Sense’.


Previous games days in action.


Wargames Foundry,
The Carriage Court, Stoke Hall
Church Lane, East Stoke
Newark, Nottinghamshire
NG23 5QF

Wargames Foundry is only 30-ish minutes from Nottingham City Centre.

Please follow this link to Google Maps to aid with the exact location.


Nottingham city centre and Newark Upon Trent have a range of hotels to suit most budgets. Two of the nearest to the venue are Kelham Hall Country Park and Hotel ( and the Premier Inn Newark (

There is also a Day Spa near to the venue,, which could be a treat for that long suffering special person who deserves a treat?


We will be covering the day for WI magazine, please note you may be seen in photos and video taken on the day. We will also be providing some material for use by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio, our generous sponsors, and Wargames Foundry, our hosts.

We are looking for several players to tell us how their preparation and day panned out. If you would be interested in writing a small report on the creation of your Cast and how it performed on the day, please let us know.


This 7TV: Apocalypse Day is not a tournament. It is instead a Campaign Day set within the world of cult TV and movies outlined in the rulebook. We are hoping for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will note that the timetable is not ‘packed’ and you will not be rushed from table to table. Our new venue gives you access to a range of features, including the chance to browse and buy from the extensive ranges offered by Wargames Foundry.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Wargames Foundry and taking part in adventures in a Post Apocalyptic reality!

These events are popular, so book early to guarantee your place.