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Welcome to our latest PRIMETIME content, delivered to your inbox every Friday. This week, we’re all about what we spotted during our recent visit to the fantastic Historicon convention over in the US of A!

Napoleonic heroes, flexible fields, 25mm Confederate Cherokees and 40mm Canadians, a chance to put YOU on the tabletop, World War One aircraft, a painting service which also sells miniatures, French fellers and more, MDF offerings and a burgeoning slice of harbor life and US Army trucks feature this week. All viewable as spins, unboxings or flipthroughs.


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Brigade Games
Brigade Games Napoleonics

Brigade Games continue to add to their Napoleonics range with these recent additions, some inspired by history and some inspired by historically based TV shows.

Minuteman Miniatures

Have you ever wanted to go a step further and get right into the tabletop action? Well, Minuteman Miniatures can help, creating a miniature that not only represents you on the tabletop but looks like you as well!

Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority offer a range of resin buildings that cover the fantastical all the way to the modern day. They also offer their own range of terrain and vehicles for certain subjects.

Sash And Saber

Sash and Saber Castings continue to add to both their 25 and 40mm ranges with these mounted miniatures, spotted at Historicon 2018.

Luftwaffe 1946 - 1/300th World War One Aircraft

Luftwaffe 1946 Miniatures is perhaps best known for producing miniature aircraft from the beginning of World War Two up to the present day. However, some of the newest releases in the range are focused upon a whole new era, World War One.

Wasatch Miniatures

Wasatch Miniatures are marketed by GAJO Games and offer both painted and unpainted miniatures from their own and other company’s ranges. We’re taking a look at the 28mm French and Indian War and Napoleonic Dutch ranges, plus the painted 15mm Moderns on offer.

28mm Wee Wolf Miniatures

Wee Wolf Miniatures produce some ‘very fine’ 28mm miniatures. One of their ranges is Franco-Prussian War French Line Infantry.

Battlefield Terrain Concepts

Battlefield Terrain Concepts have a number of terrain products in their range, and offer a scratch building service that can cope with most gamer’s needs.

Things From The Basement

Things From The Basement are known for the wide range of different MDF buildings and terrain they produce, plus other items that aid gamers in creating their battlefields.

WI370, August - Now in The Vault!

You can now read the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated in The Vault! America at War is this months theme and we have 6 articles focusing on just that, Plus much more!

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