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Capes and masks, reinforcements for NATO, bounty hunting in space, Aussies for World War Two and a selection of 1/72nd model kits feature this week. All viewable as spins, unboxings or flipthroughs.


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Team Yankee: Free Nations

Battlefront have released the first tranche of miniatures to compliment the Free Nations supplement for their Team Yankee rules. NATO forces get some reinforcements in the form of a generic boxed set, plus Dutch, Canadian and Australian infantry and armour.

Strontium Dog Miniatures Game

The Strontium Dog Miniatures Game from Warlord Games is a skirmish level game set within a galaxy of adventure, one where mutants, aliens and humans vie with one another. Of course, crime still pays, which means the Search Destroy Agency, known as the Strontium Dogs, get to collect bounties for those who break the Law.

1/72nd Scale World War Two

Hobby Co. Ltd. has once again very kindly sent us a number of kits to review. This time around, we have three Dragon kits and two Italeri kits to talk about, all themed around World War Two.

28mm World War Two Australians

Warlord Games add to their Bolt Action range with these Australians designed for use in the Pacific theatre. These clamshell packs build upon those released for the operations on New Guinea and add yet more unit options.

Pulp City: Supreme Edition

Pulp City is a game which sees super powered heroes take on super powered villains, all against the backdrop of a dark city in a world not unlike our own. Known as Supremes, the players take on the role of members of teams who battle against one another for either law, chaos or their own agenda.

Bounty to be won!

To celebrate the release of the new Strontium Dog skirmish game from Warlord Games, we have a bounty-load of prizes!


We’ve just got back from The Host in Lancaster, PA, the venue for Historicon 2018 and we thought we would share some of the action from the convention (any beyond!) in this photo feature.

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