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Welcome to the latest PRIMETIME, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Welcome to our latest PRIMETIME content, delivered to you every Friday. Something for everyone in here we’re sure - as always attempting to embrace the whole hobby.

Anthropomorphic animal skirmish, Medieval Scots and Irish, Cold War British and Soviets, resin buildings and terrain, ‘the floor is lava’ and Steampunk skirmish with a twist, all feature this week. Viewable as spins, unboxings or flipthroughs.


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Burrows & Badgers

Created by miniatures sculptor Michael Lovejoy, Burrows and Badgers allows for gaming within a fantasy world of anthropomorphic animal miniatures. Set within the Kingdom of Northymbra, the rules cover aspects of skirmish level combat within the guise of small warbands.

28mm Medieval Scots and Irish

Antidiluvian Miniatures is well known for their Fantasy and Lost World ranges. Yet they have begun to add a number of Historical miniatures as a part of a range of Medieval Scots and Irish.

10mm Cold War ‘84

Timecast, the company with a whole host of 6, 10 and 15mm resin buildings and terrain, have recently branched out with their own range of miniatures. These are themed around British and Soviet forces for a mid-80’s World War Three scenario.

Templar Wargames & Scenery

This relatively new company, proudly based in Bonnybridge, Scotland, offer an increasingly varied range of high quality resin buildings and other items.

Daemonscape Lava Bases in Resin

Daemonscape offer a whole range of different bases across a number of genres and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sent for review were these new bases designed with the volcanic in mind.

Twisted: A Steampunk Skirmish Game

Demented Games of Australia used Kickstarter to produce Twisted, a skirmish level game of characters and their underlings fighting within an alternate Victorian era. Now that the game and miniatures are on general release, gamers can fight to preserve or dominate the all-knowing Engine, the power behind this altered world.

TWO new GiM Figures up for Pre Release

Available for Pre-order now we have Johnny Red and Young Prince Rupert.

As always Prime members get 50p of Each Giants in Miniature figure and If you order ether of these figures before general release you have the chance of WINNING FIVE Figures of your choice.

Chillcon 2018

Wargames Illustrated will be at Chillcon on Saturday 31 March.

We will be selling copies of the latest magazine, cut-price back issues, Giant’s in Miniature figures and giving away our 2018 show figure - The Druid - to anyone who spends £9.90 or more (inc.subs).

Our ‘on the day’ sub offers, include FREE issues, choice of a FREE book and The Druid.



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