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Welcome to our latest PRIMETIME content, delivered to you every Friday. We focus in on some of the companies and prodcuts we saw at the excellent Tactica show in Hamburg recently, plus a flipthrough of the upcoming Outremer rules from Osprey Games.

20mm historical, dangerous berserkers, World War Two heroes, pirate fantasy, re-vamped rules, paper soldiers and castles, 10mm pieces of art and Crusade-era skirmishing all feature this time around. Viewable as spins, unboxings or flipthroughs.


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Battle for Britain – Castle Assault and Jacobite ‘45

Helion and Company continues to work with Peter Dennis and Andy Callan to bring more ‘paper soldiers’ to the marketplace. Two of the latest books are Castle Assault, which covers sieges and battles from the age of Edward I to the Battle of Bannockburn, and Jacobite ’45, covering the period of warfare between the forces of the English King versus the Scottish Bonnie Prince Charlie.

By Fire And Sword

Another globe-trotting games company who certainly put in the miles to push their products are Wargamer Games Studio Ltd., the producers of By Fire and Sword. Tactica saw the launch of their A5 softback Player’s Edition of the rulebook. Born out of feedback from gamers, who wanted a easier to handle version of the A4, hardback edition of the rules, the Player’s Edition is both light and tweaks some of the game mechanics to make this the most up to date version of the rules.


Schilling-Figuren of Salzgitter, Germany has been sculpting quality 28mm and 1/72 miniatures for a long time. His latest additions include Prussian Landwehr, Egyptians and a new range of wagons from Franznap.

Stronghold Terrain

Stronghold Terrain of Germany not only produces quality terrain but also market their own range of miniatures. Stronghold are the official distributor of the German editions of SAGA and Dead Man’s Hand. Some of their most recent releases include male and female Viking berserkers for use with SAGA or any other Dark Age rules systems.

Stoessi’s Heroes

It’s always interesting to see which new characters have been released in Thomas ‘Stoessi’ Stoesser’s range of World War Two character figures, and Thomas treated us to a few sneak peeks at pre-releases, including Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort ( as played by John Wayne from the Longest Day movie) and Jock Lewes, inventor of the Lewes bomb and principal training officer of the Special Air Service.

Freebooter Miniatures

The Freebooter Miniatures folk always put on a good show, cosplaying, running games using their rules system called Freebooter’s Fate, and always displaying their game and figures on some excellent terrain. The overall quality of their games is often one of the highlights of a show, usually small but perfectly formed. This year they are showcasing their new Debonn faction, largely based upon the French Napoleonic Army.

Van Dyck Miniatures

Van Dyck M&F specialize in ultra-detailed 10mm figures. To help customers appreciate the design work that goes in to their miniatures, they have a magnifying glass set up. In this way, you can marvel at what their sculptors can achieve with postage stamp sized figures. On show Tactica were the new World War One Germans, in early war uniforms and Pickelhaubes, complete with painted and unpainted examples.

Outremer: Faith and Blood

The new Outremer: Faith and Blood rules from Osprey Games plunge your chosen characters into the chaos of the Crusades. This skirmish level game pits warband against warband in the type of hectic combat which takes place between the set piece battles of the era.

Freebie Friday - 9th March

This week’s Prime Giveaway is three Konflikt ’47 boxed sets courtesy of Warlord Games.We have a British Churchill Meteor tank, a US M3A2 Pondskater Scout Walker and a Japanese Shiboto Squad. They’d make great gifts for any gamer and would help a hobbyist get started with a whole new period!



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