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Welcome to the latest PRIMETIME, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Welcome to our latest PRIMETIME content, delivered to you every Friday. Something for everyone this time around, as always attempting to embrace the whole hobby.

Dwarves in Weird War One, top quality Vikings and Late Romans, resin Modern British infantry, anthropomorphic fantasy, and resin ‘junk’ feature this week. All viewable as spins, unboxings or flipthroughs.


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28mm Plastic Snakemen

North Star and Osprey Publishing continue to support the recent release of the Ghost Archipelago rules with these sprues of plastic snakemen. However, with a little ingenuity, they can fit a myriad of different gaming backgrounds.

28mm Weird War One

Macrocosm Miniatures have created their own take upon a Weird War One concept. They have taken the fantasy races of Dwarves, Goblins and Halflings and placed them into the ‘mud and blood’ of an alternative early 20th Century. Received for review were some of the Dwarves, based upon the Russian Imperial army.

28mm Viking Warriors and Late Romans

Footsore Miniatures continues to impress with their new figure releases. Hot on the heels of their recent Vikings are more of same and these Late Roman archers, ready for action as the Empire fractures and makes the slow slide into oblivion.

28mm Modern British

White Dragon Miniatures hit the market with some great sci-fi miniatures in their Shattered Void range. Yet what really seems to be exciting people are the master prints of the Courage In Contact range, based upon Modern British forces from Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond.

28mm Oathsworn Miniatures

Michael Lovejoy of Oathsworn Miniatures has been sculpting anthropomorphic animal characters for quite some time, running a number of successful Kickstarters under the Burrows and Badgers label. He has continued to add to the available range, especially in light of the imminent release of the Burrows and Badgers skirmish game.

1/56th Scale Post Apocalyptic ‘Junk’

Urban Construct produces a whole host of resin terrain, from the city blocks of the future mega cities through to modern vehicles and the remnants of a collapsed world. One of their many ‘Combi Packs’ consists of 10 pieces of ‘Junk’ that could make its way into a number of scenarios.

WI365, MARCH 2018

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