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14/12/2019 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm


Saturday 14th December, 10am until 4:30pm


Ragnarok! is a campaign-driven skirmish game in which players form a Viking war clan seeking to prove itself worthy of becoming the new pantheon.

The use of a mechanic called Godspark means that battles are no longer determined by merely striking an opponent and dealing damage. Instead, warriors will be pushing, throwing, and crashing their opponents around the battlefield, making their very environment a weapon.

As the war clans develop, they may gain glorious new powers that will bring them closer to godhood, or win the respect of the denizens of the realms, allowing them to bring dire wolves, dwarves, and even the dreaded giants into their war clans.

With strategic gameplay and epic storytelling, players must write their own sagas and tell of how their war clans have, through blood and steel, clawed their way up from ruin to stand before the halls of Valhalla.

Players come along with their own Warbands and take part in a number of games to achieve Demi-God status.

Wargames Illustrated will be hosting this event in Nottingham, UK.

Players turn up and opt to take part in a series of campaign style games using their choice of Viking Era / style 28mm miniatures as their War Clan.

We will be awarding prizes for Best Painted, Nicest Player and Campaign Winners.

Players will be matched with one another on the day, aiming to provide as wide a level of experience as possible.

Like all our events, this is NOT a tournament – just an opportunity to share the hobby, hang out with gamers from different areas and have fun.

Lunch will be provided, plus tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Gaming, food and drinks are all included in your ticket price.

Tickets cost only £30. Primetime members and previous attendees at other events will receive a £5 discount – email [email protected] for more details.



10:00 am - 4:30 pm