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7TV Day V: The Cross-Time Caper

July 4 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Date: Saturday 4th July 2020
Ratings: 40
Venue: Wargames Foundry

Eddies in the Multiverse (is he?) are causing a grave disturbance in the Farce. It’s all down to the Book of Many Things being lost, its pages scattered across the Dimensions. Brave heroes and nefarious villains from across the Earths (and Beyond!) must do battle to gather the pages and convey them to the Cosmic Bookbinder. Whichever side gains the most pages gets to decide the future of the story…

The ideas behind our FIFTH 7TV Day are pretty simple:

·       All iterations of the rules may be used, as may the printed supplements. So, your Cast may be drawn from the Spy-Fi, Apocalypse or Pulp boxed sets, plus any of the ‘official’ supplements that exist in print.

·       The vehicle rules from Apocalypse may NOT be used.

·       Casts should be themed around the idea of belonging to either the League of Order or the Confederation of Villainy.

·       Prizes will be awarded for Best Terrain Set-Up, Most Ludicrous Cast, Nicest Player and Most Unfortunate Character.

·       This is a Cross-Time Caper – terrain set-ups should reflect a range of eras and time periods, plus weird alternate realities. 

·       Casts should be themed with humour in mind, and may comprise any ‘look’ you like, from spandex-clad muscles to armoured hedgehogs, circus clowns to over-blown fur clad barbarians – or even a crack force of Canadian Moose Ninjas…


The future of the Multiverse is yours to decide!


July 4
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Wargames Foundry
Wargames Foundry
Carriage Court Stoke Hall, Church Lane, Newark NG23 5QF United Kingdom
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