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  1. I ordered and paid for one from a con back in June of 2018, I still have not received it. I was told at the time it was a 6 to 8 week turnaround. I’ve emailed several times and was told it was being made that weekend and will be sent out. Then nothing for several weeks. Emailed again, was told it must be lost in shipping, and I requested they send me a tracking number when shipped. Still nothing, so these were all lies. I guess I’m out the $33 I paid for this thing. I did file a complaint with the BBB, as of now they have an F rating with the BBB. Poor customer service, I keep seeing the excuses on line about being overwhelmed with orders. But yet they continued to go to more cons and get even more orders, knowing they had trouble filling the ones they already had. Then they stopped responding altogether. No responses to my emails and calls, nothing. I wouldn’t trust this guy any further then I could throw him. Just telling everyone my experience and two cents.

  2. I am still waiting for my E-100 with me in the turret. I paid for it on Sat july 14, 2018. I send emails which you do not respond to; except for one on Dec 14 where you gave me a tracking number (which shows you have NEVER given the package to the Post Office. Your ads on the internet seem to show you are still in business.

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