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  1. I highly recommend the talk / article ‘Friction or Fiction?’ by Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies. (See link below).

    On the other side, I had a major sense of humour failure with Rick Priestly’s article ‘Fact and Fantasy – The Great Wargame Schism’ (‘This gaming life’ in ‘Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy’ #61).

    I immediately wrote a rebuttal article called ‘In Defence of History: A Reality Check’, which I never submitted.

    However, I eventually spied an opportunity to submit a heavily censored version in which the names were removed to protect the guilty and this was published with further editing / censoring in ‘Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy’ #85.

    This was still enough to raise the ire of zombie enthusiast Colin Philips, whose frankly hypocritical and deceitful article was published in the very next issue of the same magazine.

    My polite request for a right of reply was ignored.

    So, I am pleased to see that ‘Wargames Illustrated’ is now open to polite and thoughtful discussion on the fundamental topic of realism and plausibility in war games.


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