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  1. Thanks for the nice review! I’m glad the rules are getting some press.
    A few points:
    – It’s “WHY-lee”, not “Willie” Games.
    – The rules work great with 15mm and 54mm as well.
    – A miniature can be put “Out of Action” outright if the right Wound roll is made. They don’t have to take all three. So the toughest miniature on the table can still go down in one shot, adding to the drama.The only way to heal wounds is through use of the Queen of Hearts or if you’re lucky enough to have a medic.
    – The rules are a toolbox. For instance Galactic Heroes has a Retro SciFi feel, but most people use it for Star Wars or even 40k skirmishes.
    – The format is actually American comic sized, not standard letter.
    The Post Apocalyptic supplement, Wasteland Warriors comes out in September.
    Thanks again,
    Jaye Wiley

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