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  1. I made the mistake of purchasing an issue of WI. The ITunes store does not have the app, so I am unable to access it.
    Order #85862
    Very unsatisfactory.
    It would seem to be no big deal to simply make it accessible through an IPhone or through a link sent via e-mail.
    At least I only wasted a small amount of money.

  2. I also have realized too late that this isn’t something I can use. I assumed “Interactive version” meant fancy pdf. I should have dug a little deeper. I only have a PC and a phone and the app doesn’t appear for my phone so I assume it doesn’t work for Droids. At any rate a dedicated app for a single issue isn’t practical at all and I literally only wanted the single issue I paid for.

  3. My old IPAD has a lot of individually purchased issues, and period volumes, dating back to the launch of the WI app. It’s screen is now cracked. Will I be able to access those issues on a new IPAD?

    • Hi Jeff, Of course you can 🙂 All purchases will be stored under the apple account that brought them, So if you download the app using the same account that brought them you will be able to reload all issues using the ‘Missing issues?’ option under the setting tab.

  4. Sorry chaps but your methods of access leave a lot to be desired. I’ve just wasted time and money (ok , only £1.99) to buy a copy of WI which I cant use.
    I have an i phone and a PC . Neither of these will work with the app.
    Frustrating waste of time and money . I’ve been a longtime subscriber but this would certainly stop me from being a digital subscriber !!

    • Hi Jim, I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles. We have refunded your order.

      The interactive magazine is designed exclusively for iPad and is not compatible with iPhone or PC. Alternatively our Prime service is available on both of these devices with access to every issue of the magazine. More information on this can be found here: https://www.wargamesillustrated.net/prime/

      I hope this helps,

    • i literaly just did the same damn thing.

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