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  1. Thanks for the report. I’ll definitely have to get one of the Chi-Ha boxes now!
    I’ve been waiting for those Bamboo Foghters for years, I’m sure others have been too 🙂
    However, I wish you guys would have shown the front of the blister when you pulled it out of the box, as I’m sure that almoat all the bamboo stick were heavily bent and some even broken off as was the case with mine. It’s the usual problem with these blisters, like the French Infantry and Tirailleurs section where all the rifle tips were bent or broken.

    Another critique is that you did not mention how the Aussie Commando miniatures, while sculpted beautifully, are more 32mm scale than 28mm. When you place them next to any other Bolt Action miniature, you cann see that the Aussie Commandos are clearly half a head taller, at least.

    Thanks 🙂

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