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  1. I have answered my own question. After reloading new cartridge the printer had set to ‘colour’. When I changed it to monochrome sails printed fine – might help another IT novice…..

  2. Hey folks at WI: I can’t get these to print out properly. I have a nice, neat stack of paper sails, none of which align back-to-front. Some are way too big. Help! What are the exact printer instructions used to get them to print properly, please?

    • Hi. I’m having the same issue as Matt above. What scale are we supposed to print these at? Because as given they’re far too big.

    • I’ve found that printing them “Flipped on the short edge” works. Size wise shrinking them to 80% seems to get the to roughly the correct size.

    • I can print and have tried three different settings. The sails’ names’ are fine, the scale is fie, but the sails themselves are not complete. My printer is otherwise functioning normally. Any suggestions?

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