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  1. Thank you! You have revealed to me the error of my ways and what’s even better how to correct them. Looking forward to trying out these techniques. I have a bad habit of deciding to take a picture of a figure after painting which means late at night in an erratically lit basement work room – and using flash to compensate. Will amend my ways…

  2. Wow, now I see my errors I love taking photos of my work, but some are great shots and others are shockers, now I see my errors, zoom, flash, Thanks Dan, and Cheers From DownUnder, Hope everyone is well and safe been in Isolation for over 5 months now, not sick, but I have lots of medical issues, but modeling does help you, just finished over 50 Imperial Guardsmen, Catachans all metal figures, love 28mm scale, I don’t play the game love painting and converting figures and vehicles, have over 5500 figures, maybe over a hundred vehicles love what :I do, now I can make better photos, I use my Samsung Android devices and my older Samsung phone, cheers and thanks Dan for your great advice.

  3. I loved this article when I read it in bitesize. Reall clear and helpful. Thank you, Dan.

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