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  1. Hi Cam,
    I would if I could but in my Part of Australia, I saw one copy back in 2013 at that time I was doing heavy hospital time, it is impossible for me to go into a contest.
    And if you wanted youngsters to join into the fold this contest is not the way things happen.
    I was told about this through a young man at my local gaming rooms, he was very upset that he couldn’t join in the competition.
    Now day’s more kids, are moving away mainstream gaming, to playing Magic, as I saw last Friday nite, they played from 11pm until 7am. Not my cup of tea, but they enjoyed it.
    The gaming community has to do more to promote our hobby and make it affordable price for the newbes in our Country’s.
    I model in 28mm, using lot’s of my years of knowledge and learning new tricks from this Magazine.
    But this competition, has failed this, only help the long term magazine collection.
    Sorry for my rant, cheers from downunder.

  2. Hi Cam, this promo is not aimed at bringing new people into the hobby, it’s about rewarding people who have been reading Wargames Illustrated for years, by giving them a free figure.


    Wargames Illustrated

  3. Way to go encouraging those new to the hobby! Eligibility to win based on how long you’ve been playing. Hmm…That’ll bring the young uns into the hobby. Fail.

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