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  1. Napoleon:


    Play this card on a female model (Warrior Woman or Steampunk Victoria). Napoleon has found another mistress! For the rest of the game, she may not attack Napoleon, and Napoleon may not attack her, not even if they are in adjacent hexes.

    Napoleon had various mistresses, including one whom he nicknamed “Cleopatra”…

  2. Julius Caesar:

    “ET TU BRUTE?”

    Play this card if Caesar loses a life, even his last one, because of a hit from the rear. The “assassin” is now doomed by Caesar’s remaining supporters, and must roll a D6 at the beginning of each of its remaining turns. If the model rolls a 1, it loses a life!

    Caesar’s assassins eventually met their fates, whether by suicide or by execution…

    • P.S.: The basic rules would not seem to define “front” and “rear” – how would that be indicated at Salute?

    • This is indicated simply by the way the figure is facing. The ‘rear’ is the one hex directly behind the figure.

  3. ‘Get off your horse Pilgrim’

    Sgt Stryker may push any attacker back one square.

    Stryker’s roundhouse punch doesn’t do much damage, but it sure can send someone flying…

  4. Caesar –

    ‘Alea Jacta Est’ (The Die is Cast)

    Once per game against each opponent, Caesar may re-roll his attack dice.

    On crossing the Rubicon, and thus taking an irrevocable step, Caesar the gambler rolls the dice once again.

  5. And for her Maj

    ‘We are not amused’ –
    British Subjects* may not attack Victoria in the turn this card is played.

    How very dare you, how could you even think of raising a hand against the Queen Empress?

    *Churchill, Kitchener, Wellington, the Dishevelled Detective, Dr Hamish, Harry, Frost and Durnford.

  6. Dr, Hamish

    Look Out Holmes!
    If within 2 hexes of the Dishevelled Detective Dr. Hamish may discard this card to either allow the Detective to ignore the effects of one attack OR to boost the Detectives own attack by +1.

  7. The Batman:

    Three Strikes!
    A skilled baseball player he always carries some spare balls for when enemy heads just won’t do!
    Discard this card to make three separate attacks against any three different hexes on the board (one attack on each). Roll a 6 to hit.

  8. Julius Caesar:

    I cam, I saw, I……turned around
    Julius Caesar may never be attacked in the rear whilst he has this card. Alternatively he may discard the card instead of moving to force two figures within 2 hexes of each other to engage in Gladiatorial combat. (Ie moves one of them to attack the other). The figure moved must be within 3 hexes of Caesar before it is moved.

  9. Steampunk Victoria:

    Whos Queen?
    If any of the ‘British’ characters end the turn in a position to attack Victoria. She may remind them of their allegiance to her. They must then retire one hex away from her, as if they had lost the combat (but don’t lose a wound). However privilege costs and she must give up one pile of gold for each attack avoided in this way.

  10. Lt Col Durnford:

    Lion Tamer
    If Durnford is within 4 hexes of the Lion at the end of all character movement he may move it two hexes in any direction (rather than it’s random move).

  11. The Dishevelled Detective

    London Calling

    Once per turn, any British Model that has been wounded in that round can request the mysterious services of the Detective to claim back what is theirs. On a roll of 5+ they gain back one wound and his prestige is furthered. The Detective may make a free move by one hex.

    Another famous Detective Sherlock Holmes, investigated strange circumstances of theft, murder and subterfuge in the 1800’s and again with Martin Freeman in the 2000’s

  12. Oops, spelt my. Name wrong! Should be Potter not Pottet!

    • I have changed it for you Chris, Thank you for your entry! Feel free to submit as many as you can think of.


  13. Flash Harry;

    By his own admittance a malingering, albeit lucky coward

    When an enemy model comes within one hex of Harry, he make an immediate voluntary move backward away from the impending duel. If this move ends within one hex of another enemy, Harry gains +1 to wound.

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