Matt Parkes' Workbench: August 2012

Matt Parkes’ Workbench

Matt Parkes’ Workbench:
August 2012

Painting Black Fabrics
I find the colour black actually quite difficult to paint and keep it ”black”, as it is all too easy to stray off the path, into dark greys. To be honest, I avoid it where I can; but sometimes you have to face the Beast!

Left: Matt at his work bench.

It can be obtained with a subtle blend, ink washes and razor sharp highlights. As with most of my painting, the colours quoted are from the Vallejo Model Colour range, and the figure is from the Pulp Figures’ Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang range.
1. The basecoat is an even coat of Black Grey 862 + Black 950 (50/50 mix - just off-black), over black primer.
2. Black Grey 862 thinned more than usual, like a watercolour. Following the flow of the fabric and forming the foundations for the highlights.
Painting Black Fabrics Painting Black Fabrics
3. Very sharp highlights in Neutral Grey 992 and tidied up any mistakes.
4. A couple of thin black ink washes to tone everything down to black again.
Painting Black Fabrics Painting Black Fabrics

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