Grouchy's Blue? Bonus Photos

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Grouchy's Blue?
Bonus Photos

This month’s magazine features an article by Nick Buxey in which he talks us through a large Waterloo game centered on the French Right Wing.

We had loads of Nick’s photos left over so present several more of the here for you to scroll through and enjoy this great looking table.

Coming on in the same old style
French Grande Freres prepare to stem the prussian advance 
Dutch Belgian and British troops
French infantry march past Plancenoit church
Frichermont Chateau under attack from Jaquinots cavalry
 Magnificent British light dragoons
Hussey Vivians light cavalry move to the attack
Hoards of Prussian infantry advance on Plancenoit
The Union Brigade prepare
The Scots Greys prepare to attack The Scots Greys charge in
The Prussians! It's the Prussians! Young Guard in Plancenoit
View down the table, showing La Haie and Papelotte