How to Advertise in Wargames Illustrated

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED IS now bigger and better than ever!

• more copies being printed and sold than ever before!

• 32 more pages being added.

• UK cover price staying at £4.00. US cover price dropping to $8.00. The cover price in the rest of the world is being reduced.

• The magazine will be marketed by the Battlefront sales team, and sold in over 30 countries.


We are sure that you will be aware by now that Battlefront Miniatures Limited have acquired Wargames Illustrated magazine, and some big changes have happened. WI has expanding in size to 112 pages (a 40% increase), we are printing on higher quality paper, and changing to perfect (glued) binding. But what will be of most interest to you, the advertiser, is the fact that we are printing more copies of the new look magazine than ever before, meaning that more wargamers in more locations (particularly North America) will be reading WI – and seeing your advertisements.

Battlefront Miniatures has a large team of sales staff based in the UK, the US and New Zealand and Wargames Illustrated will now be marketed by that team and vigorously sold into several new markets, broadening both the magazines readership and your advertising message.

WI is already the best selling wargames magazine in the world and the relationship with Battlefront has already shown an expansion in both quality and sales, and we are confident that this will be reflected in the reaction you receive from advertising in the number one magazine, that targets your customers directly.

Each month Wargames Illustrated will contain a Flames of War (Battlefront Miniatures rules system) section, the rest of the magazine will cover the full wargaming/historical spectrum and we will cover/welcome the inclusion of other WWII games systems and figure manufacturers.

Our advert deadline dates remain the same, our technical spec regarding supplying adverts to us has changed slightly, and I have included a copy of these details here. Our prices have however changed (for the first time in over ten years!) and we are also now applying a surcharge for adverts which are not provided print ready.

Wargames Illustrated will continue to be produced from our offices in Nottingham, England and all contact details remain the same.

Advertisement Sizes

• Double Full Page Spread (with bleed*) 426 x 303mm

• Full Page (with bleed*) 213 x 303mm

• Half Page Horizontal 200 x 140mm

• Half Page Vertical 95 x 283mm

• Quarter Page 95 x 140mm

• Eighth Page 95 x 68mm

• Mini Advert 45 x 68mm

*Bleed: The advert goes right up to (and bleeds off) the page edge. Please

ensure you have NO text/logos/images etc. within 10mm of the page edges.

File Formats

The following file formats can be accepted;

Tiff, JPEG, Quark Express, Adobe Indesign, PSD, EPS, PDF, Microsoft Word. (Please be aware with Word files design work will be required at an additional cost.)

The following file formats cannot be accepted;

Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Works.


Advertisers who provide an Email address will receive a LOW RESOLUTION PDF proof of their advert prior to print.

For more information including pricing schedules please contact

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