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Lion Rampant Day, 31st January 2015, the first of many official WI hobby events

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This month's exciting update features four different articles and loads of reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 328.

WI328, February 2014

Wargames Illustrated WI328 now available!

The February issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine is available now in both print and digitally interactive versions.

For WI328 we take the theme of 1915, Wargaming in the year the Great War went global.

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Reviews: February 2015

Our regular, monthly round-up of what's new on the hobby scene.

Reviews: February 2015...

Reviews: November 2014


Wheel to wheel

Wheel to wheel

As the author points out in his introduction to this article form September 1995 “The aim of these rules is to give a relatively fast moving game, with minimal record keeping and the ability to use large amounts of artillery, wheel to wheel, without too much brain bombardment.

Wheel to wheel...


In this much more recent article Phillip Watts shares his ideas for incorporating gas attacks into WWI rules.



Weapons and tactics on the western front 1915-1918

Weapons and tactics on the western front 1915-1918

In this article from February 1991 Wargames Illustrated stalwart Chris Peers gives us a great introduction to: the men, the tactics, weapons, tanks and artillery from 1915 onwards.

Weapons and tactics on the western front 1915-1918...

Grand fleet in danger

Dovetailing nicely with this month's Dogger Bank piece, this article from March 1994, gives both an account of this most famous of WWI naval battles and the authors efforts to organise and play out a multi-player re-fight of the battle.

Grand fleet in danger...

Grand fleet in danger

Support material

“America’s first vietnam” support material

“America’s first vietnam” support material

Following on from the full article in this month's print and digital magazines, we present Bob's additional material regarding the outcome of this battle, the wider campaign and the usage of the Soldier's Companion rules to re-fight Quingua. These were the rules and Orders Of Battle used by Bob during the game he ran at Historicon 2014.

"America's first vietnam" support material...




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Wargames Illustrated Miniatures

Wargames Illustrated Miniatures
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Barbarossa on a bike

There is something particularly glamorous about the mounted soldier. Be it the horse cavalryman carrying out a heroic charge or the tank commander in his awesome steel chariot. But for some reason this glamour does not rub off on the thousands of soldiers who went to war on that most unmilitary steed - the bicycle.

Barbarossa on a bike...

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This month's exciting update features four different articles, downloads and extra photos to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 327.