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This month's exciting update features four different articles and reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 318.

Wargames Illustrated presents
The HISTORICON™ Painting Competition 2014

Following on from the great success of the first Wargames Illustrated Presents the HISTORICON™ Painting Competition event in July of 2013, we are proud to announce its return to HISTORICON™ in 2014. With over 120 entries from more than 60 artists, there were many wonderful wargaming miniatures that had been brought to life by the skilled hands of artisans from near and far. Without a doubt, the goals of our first event were met, and we look forward to seeing this competition grow over the coming years.

HISTORICON™ Painting Competition 2014...

Historicon 2014

WI318, April 2014

Wargames Illustrated WI318 now available!

The April issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine goes on general release at the end of the March, but you can purchase a copy today via the Wargames Illustrated website, or as a digital download.

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April 2014

Our regular, monthly round-up of what's new on the hobby scene.

Reviews: April 2014...


Reviews: April 2014




Pydna, 168BC

Of course, this issue isn't the first time we've taken a look at Pydna. Five years ago Paul Leach presented this article on the famous Phalanx vs Legion battle, including a scenario for Warmaster Ancients and ideas for adapting the scenario to Warhammer: Ancient Battles, DBA, Armati, and Field of Glory. (WI261)

Pydna, 168BC...

The Successors

The pivotal element our theme (Phalanx vs Legion) hinges on is the "world-altering" change in fighting styles. In this article from Jeff Joans, we take a look at the Successor armies that followed the death of Alexander the Great, including their reliance on the phalanx. (WI264)

The Successors...



The Roaring '20s! & The Dillinger Gang

As Nick Buxey writes in his article this month, wargaming with Prohibition-ear gangsters can be a life-long affair. Here we present a set of wargaming rules and scenario to get you started in the period, or reacquaint you with it. (WI143-144)

The Roaring '20s! & The Dillinger Gang...


Let It Snow!

In early 2010 we presented this article from Jason Buyaki, Gale Forge 9's Master Scenery Builder (and the man responsible for much of the Battlefield in a Box range). We've featured it before, but felt it was worthy to be featured again, a great complement to Pete Brown's Let's Talk About The Weather article later in this issue. (WI269)

Let It Snow!...

  let it snow






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This month's exciting update features four different articles, downloads and extra photos to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 318.